Monday, April 27, 2009

Captain Melony

We went on a Girl Scout field trip to Savannah today to tour Juliette Low's (the founder of Girl Scouts) home. As a side note (and the absolute highlight) we took a 2+ hour dolphin sighting boat tour. It was wonderful! We saw many dolphins and being on the water was beautiful! But the best part (for Melony especially) was that she boldly asked the captain if she could ride up there (whatever that is called) with him and he let her. Then he actually let her steer the boat! She will remember that as long as she lives ... Julianna was invited to "park" the boat in the dock. It was a very special day.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Easter Fun

I have never really been an Easter fan, but having kids can really change your perspective on just about anything. We had so much fun this year coloring eggs and hiding them for our neighborhood friends and going to egg hunts ourselves. We made some cute cupcakes to share as well! This really made a fun holiday for us to remember. I was so encouraged at how the girls wanted so much to plan activities for their friends and neighbors. Now that's what a holiday is all about!