Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Long Event

We had quite the week. The original plan, since it is our off-school week, was to paint the living room. So Monday morning I get all set up ... then Jake and Julianna demonstrated how much they needed some obedience training, so I abandoned all painting plans and devoted myself to the two of them. It seemed a rather bleak day and then, after the thunderstorm, God shone his wonderful promise right over my house. It was like a kiss from God that I had done the right thing by dropping all my plans and following His!

Tuesday Julianna finally got her cast off and we celebrated by going swimming. Wednesday we spent the day with some friends we don't get to see much. Thursday we spent the day with some other friends who live in Michigan and we see whenever they are down. Friday we had our Bible study group in the morning and in the afternoon Julianna had her first physical therapy on her arm. And today ... I mowed the lawn and cleaned my bedroom! Wow, did it need it!

There is a mountain of laundry and the house is a mess but we will have a great FOURTH OF JULY!! Happy Birthday America!!