Thursday, May 14, 2009

God Always Makes Himself Known

We rarely come into contact with God's creation these days. Concrete sidewalks, blacktops, carpet, A/C and heat. We are so civilized that we seldom walk in the grass or (as I never have) sleep under the stars. I think I miss out on so much of the wonder of God. However, through all our efforts to expand ourselves, we can never overcome nature (which is God). If a street is not maintained, blades of grass break through the concrete! Imagine being conquered by a blade of grass!

All of this brings me to my point. In Tony's workshop he hangs his tool belt amidst extension cords and various tools. Well, inside one of the tool belt pockets, a little house finch built herself a nest. Tony left the tool belt intact, (not sure what he's been using) and made sure the garage door was always slightly open so the little mother could get in and out. Suddenly, six little eggs appeared in the nest. The kids kept close tabs on them and then ... six little birds appeared! Not only that, but when the birds were ready to start flying, the girls helped them to learn! It was thrilling! (By the way, it's an old wives tale that the mother bird will not return to the nest if it has been touched by humans. We just found that out from Sherry.) Then one day they were gone and oh the tears around here!! But what an incredible gift from God!


  1. Hey, we have four bird eggs in our planter, and we just checked and two have hatched!! Mary Elizabeth and I think that your photos are SO cool!

  2. I found you from Ann and I like your blog!!

    I love baby birds and wish I had not bought into the old wives tale while growing up. Living in the country afforded me lots of opportunities for baby bird encounters.