Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sisters - Best of Friends, Worst of Enemies

Confidante and betrayer; protector and victim; exhilarator and bore; champion and foe; experiment and experimentor. These are words that describe my relationship with my sister. Someone that has been through so many of the same experiences and yet has experienced them from such a different perspective. Someone who knows the good, the bad and the ugly ... and still loves you. Like the time I stole my mother's lighter (yes, I smoked at 14) and took it to Alabama when my sister and I went on vacation and my sister caught me and blackmailed me into doing everything she wanted me to the whole trip. Or when she was studying to become a Christian and we talked long distance everyday with questions and tears as she gave up her old life for her new one. I am seeing the same dynamic between my girls. I love to see them lost in play together, and I hate all that bickering! Here are some moments throughout the past several years of my girls together.

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