Friday, March 6, 2009

The Hard Road

It's the little things that really make all the difference. Today, I was thinking about the everyday choices we make and how they affect our overall lives. If you take the "hard road" in the little things, when an opportunity presents itself, you are ready! "Success is when preparation meets opportunity." We have all heard that, but how do you prepare for an unknown opportunity? You engage yourself when you are faced with a choice to do (or not do) something that is uncomfortable for you. Continually calling yourself to grow prepares you for what you cannot anticipate. I think this is also an appropriate application of the principle "You reap what you sow." If you always take the easiest way out of a situation, you don't stretch yourself and when an opportunity presents itself, you are not prepared to take it on. How many times this has happened to me!! Thankfully, I am really learning (and learning to love) having higher expectations of myself. My life has certainly been enriched by this and I am seeing more victory than ever!

Happy Friday!!

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  1. So few people understand the principle of reaping and's like the little red hen, we all WANT but WORK not! In today's world we expect to be given so often, simply because we exist.

    Good thoughts...